Direct Contact Steam Generator

GERI Process Building

GERI has developed and tested a Direct Contact Steam Generator (DCSG) that is capable of injecting 80% steam quality with combustion flue gases at pressures up to 7 MPa, with rates between 5.5-11 GJ/hr (5-10 MMBTU/hr).  We can inject into Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) wells for pre-heating during facility construction, late-stage SAGD repressurization, and also into older Cold Heavy Oil Produced with Sand (CHOPS) wells.  Our system is highly portable and requires only a supply of natural gas, and boiler grade water – we produce the steam, nitrogen and carbon dioxide to heat and provide reservoir pressure to maximize your oil production and recovery.  Our generator is nearly 100% efficient, with all exhaust products from the production of steam being injected into the reservoir.  In addition, our process uses 13% less water than traditional steaming methods.

Our DCSG is also capable of hot water heating at similar heat rates. This process does not require boiler quality water as no steam is created. 

We can also steam non-thermally cased and cemented wells with our patent-pending Annular Cooling Loop technology.