GERI’s award-winning Direct Contact Steam Generation (DCSG) technology
provides a low emissions solution to unlocking proven undeveloped heavy oil
reserves and boosting recovery rates in underperforming wells.


GERI’s portable DCSG unit co-injects steam (or hot water) and combustion exhaust
gases(mainly N2 & CO2) into a well, simultaneously addressing the two fundamental
needs of depleted heavy oil reservoirs: heat and pressure.


Compared to traditional steaming and heating technologies, GERI’s DCSG
  • Increases oil recovery rates
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Fits within an existing standard well lease
  • Requires lower capital investment
  • Allows for quicker deployment


Applications for GERI’s DCSG technology include:
  • Cyclical injection
  • Line-drive/spot pattern flooding
  • Late-stage SAGD
  • High-rate circulation (HRC)




Awards and industry recognitions


Heavy oil production in Alberta and Saskatchewan has
notoriously poor recovery rates, often leaving as much
90 per cent of the resource behind.
It also tends to be
emissions and
capital intensive, meaning smaller
are not economically feasible
to develop.
A Calgary-based start-up
has developed a technology that
entirely change that equation.

—— The Daily Oil Bulletin